Next Great American Sport

Thanks for joining me!

Dudes! Ladies?! Who doesn’t love talking about spikeball? I love talking about spikeball, and I also love writing. I figured I might give this whole “blogger” thing a shot. Seems awfully millennial of me, but who cares. If this sport is going to become the next big thing, it needs content. We have the sport, but we don’t have the sportswriters. Yet. 

So what can you expect from this blog? 

  1. Weekly Posts. Deadlines are awesome. If I didn’t have any, I would never do anything. So you guys can expect a post by Friday at 5:00PM every week.
  2. Comment interaction. I don’t just want to write about roundnet, I want to talk about it. So I will be in the comment sections, jawing it up with you guys. Bring your stories and your questions.
  3. Stories. Half of the time, I am just going to be sharing a story that has some relevance to the larger conversations that our community is having. 
  4. Interviews. Hopefully I will post some interviews with the top players. This one will depend on access, but like all good sportswriters I will be persistent.
  5. Tournament Recaps. My love for the game started as a player. So I will be getting out there, challenging the best, and if I live to tell the tale, I will do just that.
  6. Product Recaps. Whatever Spikeball the company does has huge impacts on roundnet the sport. Its just a fact of life. So I will be reviewing most of the products that the company comes out with. Should be fun. 

I’m excited and a little bit nervous at the start of this thing. Hopefully it turns out better than my wildest dreams. Much like the sport itself did. 

—Joseph St. Cyr

Check out this crazy serve — Skylar Boles*


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